Saremo presenti a MADE IN STEEL, Milano, 3-4-5 Aprile, pad. 4 stand F6

GB TECH's product range includes all refractories for the steel industry mainly converters, EAF, degassers, steel ladles, specialized CC isostatic materials from Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd. ,gunning and spray materials as well as CC powders.

GB TECH offers a full-line service to the steel industry and is a supplier of special mechanical parts.

GB TECH is a manufacturer of high technology ladle sliding gate systems. It offers systems with advanced security and traceability.

GB TECH's has a world wide patent sliding gate system. This high-technology cost-effective ladle sliding gate system, the MRS-100, has integrated following innovative principles in the linear sliding gate:

By a non rigid fixing system of the sliding plate in the MRS-100 cracking is avoided. By rotating the sliding gate at the ladle stand, the use of the refractory plate 360° around the casting bore is achieved. The combination of both functions contributes to a significant cost reduction.

GB TECH's product range includes Minerals Manganese ore, Chrome ore, Olivine, Magnesite

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